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Cheng Yi 成毅, Chinese Actor
Full Name Cheng Yi
Date of Birth 17 May, 1990
Place of Birth Huaihua, Hunan, China
Origin China
Ethnicity Han Chinese
Height 5' 11" (181 cm)
Occupation Actor
Other Names Fu Shiqi
Alma Mater Central Academy of Drama, Beijing, China
Debut Date 2011

Cheng Yi Filmography - Movies:

Roles as Actor:

Cheng Yi Filmography - TV Series:

Roles as Actor:

TV Shows:
  • Wonderful City 2 (2023)
  • Hello Saturday (2023)
  • Hello Saturday (2022)
  • Workplace Newcomers · Forensic Season (2022)
  • Set Sail (2021)
  • Happy Camp (2021)
  • May Fourth Youth Day Gala (2021)
  • I Dedicate My Youth to You (2021)
  • Zhejiang Satellite TV New Year's Eve Party (2020)
  • Keep Running - Yelloe River (2020)
  • Happy Camp (2020)
  • Grade One Graduation (2016) - Guest
  • Happy Camp (2016) 27-08-16 - Guest
  • I Love Peach Blossom (2015)
  • Come on, Dear (2014)

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