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Hao Lei

Filmography as actress:

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Hao Lei Photos:

Hao Lei in MBA Partners (2016) - Movie

MBA Partners Movie Poster, 2016 Chinese film

Hao Lei in The Golden Era (2014) - Movie

The Golden Era Movie Poster, 2014

Hao Lei in Dearest (2014) - Movie

Dearest Movie Poster, 2014, Hao Lei
Dearest Movie Poster, 2014, Hao Lei

Hao Lei in The Man Behind the Courtyard House (2011) - Movie

Hao Lei Hao Lei

Hao Lei in The Fourth Portrait (2010) - Movie

The Fourth Portrait Movie Poster, 2010

Hao Lei's ancestry is from Tonghua, Jilin, China.
Hao Lei studied at Shanghai Theatre Academy in China.

Awards Ceremonies and Festivals:

Dearest Movie Poster, 2014 best chinese movies
Dearest (2014)   
China, Hong Kong

Zhao Wei
Huang Bo
Tong Dawei
Hao Lei
Kitty Zhang

Movie Genre: Drama
Box Office: 339 million yuan

MBA Partners Movie Poster, 2016 China Movie
MBA Partners (2016)

Yao Chen
Tiffany Tang
Hao Lei
Aaron Kwok
Li Chen

Movie Genre: Romance, Comedy
Box Office: 81 million yuan

Love in the Buff Movie Poster, 2012 Hong Kong Movie
Love in the Buff (2012)
Hong Kong

Miriam Yeung
Shawn Yue
Yang Mi
Xu Zheng
Hao Lei

Movie Genre: Comedy, Romance
Box Office: 72 million yuan

The Last Woman Standing Movie Poster, 2015 Chinese film
The Last Woman Standing (2015)

Shu Qi
Eddie Peng
Lynn Hung
Hao Lei
Xing Jiadong

Movie Genre: Drama, Romance
Box Office: 60 million yuan

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