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Neo Hou 侯明昊, Chinese Actor
Full Name Neo Hou
Date of Birth 3 August, 1997
Place of Birth Beijing, China
Origin China
Ethnicity Han Chinese
Height 5' 10" (179 cm)
Occupation Actor, Singer
Other Names Hou Minghao, Hou Ming-Hao
Alma Mater Beijing Contemporary Music Academy, Beijing, China
Debut Date 2016

Neo Hou Filmography - Movies:

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Neo Hou Filmography - TV Series:

Roles as Actor:

TV Shows with Neo Hou:

  • Hello Saturday (2023)
  • Dunk of China 4 (2021)
  • When We Write Lovestory (2020)
  • Happy Camp (2020)
  • Who's the Murderer 5 (2019)
  • Ultimate Master 5 (2019)
  • Happy Camp (2018)
  • City of Magic (2018)
  • Classic Chant (2018)
  • The Birth of an Actor (2017)
  • Happy Camp (2017)
  • Happy Theater (2017)
  • Battle! Good Figure (2017)
  • Beat the Champions (2017)
  • Seventy-two Story Building (2017)
  • Sunshine Art Fitness (2016)
  • Let Go of My North Nose (2016)
  • Hello Food (2016)
  • Fresh Sunday (2016) - Guest
  • Fresh Man (2015) - Guest
  • Day Day Up (2016)

Most Popular Drama List:

When We Were Young Poster, 人不彪悍枉少年 2018 Chinese TV drama series

When We Were Young (2018)

Neo Hou
Wan Peng
Gala Zhang
Dai Luwa
Li Mingde

TV Genre: Drama, Romance
Language: Mandarin Chinese

Explore with the Note Poster, 盗墓笔记之怒海潜沙 2019 Chinese TV drama series

Explore with the Note (2019)

Neo Hou
Cheng Yi
Li Man
Liu Xueyi
Ethan Yao

TV Genre: Action, Adventure
Language: Mandarin Chinese

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