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Stephy Qi Stephy Qi
Full Name Stephy Qi
Date of Birth 26 October, 1984
Place of Birth Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Origin China
Ethnicity Han Chinese
Height 5' 6" (168 cm)
Occupation Actress, Singer
Other Names Qi Wei, Wei Wei, Jia Bao, Xiao Bai
Husband Nathan Lee (Married 2014)
Daughter Lucky Lee
Alma Mater Zhejiang University of Media And Communications

Filmography as actress:


TV Series:

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Stephy Qi Photos:

Stephy Qi in
Broadcasting Girl (2014) - Movie

Broadcasting Girl Movie Poster, 2014
Broadcasting Girl Movie Poster, 2014

Stephy Qi in On My Way (2012) - Movie

On My Way Movie Poster, 2012 On My Way Movie Poster, 2012

Stephy Qi in Coming Back (2011) - Movie

Coming Back Movie Poster, 2011, Stephy Qi

Stephy Qi in Chongqing Girl (2009) - Movie

Chongqing Girl

Stephy Qi in Love Destiny (2013) - TV Drama Series

Love Destiny Poster, 2012 Love Destiny Poster, 2012

Film and TV Awards:
List of Awards and Nominations Received by Stephy Qi

Best Chinese Movies - China Box Office:

Mission Milano Movie Poster, 2016 Chinese film

Mission Milano (2016)
Hong Kong, China

Andy Lau
Huang Xiaoming
Wong Cho-Lam
Michelle Hu
Stephy Qi

Movie Genre: Action, Comedy
Box Office: 260 million yuan

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