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TAE in Bleeding Mountain (2012) - Movie

Bleeding Mountain Movie Poster, 2012

TAE in Dragon's Love (2006) - Movie

Actress: Ruby Lin  Xin-Ru, Chinese Film, Dragon's Love Movie poster, 2006

TAE in Xue Dingshan (2012) - TV Drama Series

Xue Dingshan Poster, 2012

TAE in Holy Pearl (2011) - TV Drama Series

Holy Pearl Poster, 2011 Holy Pearl Poster, 2011, TAE

TAE in The Fairies of Liaozhai (2007) - TV Drama Series

The Fairies of Liaozhai Poster Poster, 2007, Actress: Fann Wong, Daniel Chan, Chinese Drama Series

TAE in Angel Lover (2006) - TV Drama Series

Angel Lover Poster, 2006

TAE in Love Queen (2006) - TV Drama Series

Love Queen Poster, 2006, Actress: Cheryl Yang Chin-Hua, Taiwanese TV Series

TAE in The Little Fairy (2006) - TV Drama Series

The Little Fairy Poster, 2006, Actress: Ariel Lin Yi-Chen, Taiwanese Drama  TV Series

TAE in Hail the Judge (2006) - TV Drama Series

Hail the Judge Poster, 2006

TAE in Strange Tales of Liao Zhai (2005) - TV Drama Series

Strange Tales of Liao Zhai Poster, 2005, Actress: Yang Mi, Chinese Drama Series

TAE in Absolute Plan (2002) - TV Drama Series

Absolute Plan Poster, 2002

TAE in Young Zhang Sanfeng (2002) - TV Drama Series

Young Zhang Sanfeng Poster, 2002, Actress: Ruby Lin Xin-Ru, Chinese Drama Series

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