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Tong Yao Tong Yao
Full Name Tong Yao
Date of Birth 11 August, 1985 (Age )
Place of Birth Kunming, Yunnan, China
Origin China
Ethnicity Han Chinese
Height 5' 7" (169 cm)
Occupation Actress, Model
Other Names Tanya Tong
Alma Mater Central Academy of Drama, Beijing, China
Debut Date 2005

Filmography as actress:


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Tong Yao Photos:

Tong Yao in To Love Somebody (2014) - Movie

To Love Somebody Movie Poster, 2014 To Love Somebody Movie Poster, 2014

Tong Yao in Day of Redemption (2013) - Movie

Day of Redemption Movie Poster, 2013 Day of Redemption Movie Poster, 2013

Tong Yao in Wings (2012) - Movie

Wings Movie Poster, 2012

Tong Yao in Snowfall in Taipei (2009) - Movie

Snowfall in Taipei, Tong Yao Snowfall in Taipei

Tong Yao in The Young Warriors (2006) - TV Drama Series

The Young Warriors Poster, 2006, Tong Yao

Film and TV Awards:

2013 BQ Celebrity Score Awards
Winner - Best Leaping Actress - Tong Yao
Nominee - Favorite Actress - Tong Yao

2012 BQ Celebrity Score Awards
Nominee - Favorite Actress - Tong Yao

2013 MSN Fashion Party Awards
Winner - Breakthrough Actress - Tong Yao

2012 MSN Fashion Party Awards
Winner - Most Potential Actress - Tong Yao

2011 Sohu Internet TV Festival - Summer
Nominee - Breakthrough Actress - Tong Yao

2010 Sohu Internet TV Festival - Winter
Winner - Best New Actress - Tong Yao

2012 CCTV Chinese TV Star Awards
Winner - New Spirit Actress - Tong Yao

2015 Fashion Star Awards
Winner - Most Expected Actress - Tong Yao

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